What is a Zirconia Crown?

As dental technology innovates and makes use of new materials, old ways of doing things are often built upon or completely cast aside as new options become available. One of the more enduring components of dentistry throughout the years has been bridges and crowns, both of which have been in use for decades. Recent advancements have introduced vast upgrades to the existing technology through the discovery of new materials. One such advancement is the Zirconia Crown, a prosthetic advancement that uses a material that is related to titanium to restore full function to your teeth.

What Are Bridges And Crowns?

Bridges and crowns are two different types of prosthetic devices used in restoration dentistry, and can greatly enhance the function and appearance of patients mouths. Affixed to the teeth adjacent to the gap they fill bridges can replace multiple missing teeth, though they can also be used with implants if that option is available. Crowns are used to correct damage to teeth by attaching to the remaining foundation of the tooth. They help strength the teeth that are already present, fix dental occlusion issues (bite), and can improve the overall shape of your mouth while helping existing teeth remain in their present spots.

What Are Zirconia Crowns?

Zirconia is a relative of titanium, and has many of its properties while have an appearance very much like that of natural teeth. Crowns made of this material are uniquely suited to being placed in the part of the mouth that undergoes the most stress, the back of the gums where we find the molars. Capable of being shaped, measured, and fitted in a single visit they are a quick and easy solution to your restoration dental needs.

What Disadvantages Exist With Zirconia Crows?

While they bear a striking resemblance to natural teeth zirconica crowns lack the semi-translucent quality that can be found in ceramic teeth. While research continues to solve this cosmetic issue, at present they are more noticeable than their ceramic counterparts. Another potential drawback goes hand in hand with a major benefit, and that is the length of time required to get one. While they can be measured and installed in a single visit, it does take longer to do in a single visit than ceramic crowns. The benefit is that there is only a single visit, so you save time on travel and inconvenience over multiple visits in exchange for having to make time for one longer visit.

If this method of restoration dentistry sounds like it will fit your needs, it’s time to schedule a consultation with a qualified dentist. Dr. Kelly Zhao is one such qualified dentist who practices at Arc Dental in Houston, TX. Zirconia crowns are a great way to restore your beautiful smile and get back to living life with a full smile of pearly whites.

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