What is Recovery From Implants Like?

Dental implants are the most popular method of restorative dentistry today, and it’s likely that it’s been suggested to you if you’re a candidate for this kind of procedure. By receiving dental implants you can protect your remaining teeth, your gums, and ensure that your jaw remains durable and healthy even after losing your natural teeth. If you’ve opted to get dental implants then its best that you prepare for the recovery process so you can enjoy the bright new smile you’re getting right away and for years to come!

What You Need To Know About Dental Implant Surgery?
The first procedure you’re going to undergo is the implanting of your titanium mounting points, and you should look forward to having a mouth packed with gauze after its over. This gauze will remain in place for a period of an hour after the surgery and serves both to absorb any blood that may be present, but also allows you to gently apply pressure to the site to stop any further bleeding. After the first hour, you can remove your gauze and begin the rest of your recovery. Follow these guidelines to ensure a safe recovery:

  • Don’t Mess With The Surgery Site – The surgery site will need to be largely left alone following the procedure. You can rinse your mouth with water and gently brush the area with a soft bristled brush, but otherwise, take care to let it heal.

  • Don’t Smoke – This habit is bad for you anyway, but following a surgery like this, it can cause a condition known as dry socket which is very unpleasant. This may be an excellent opportunity for you to try to quit.

  • Clean The Area – Yes, we told you not to mess with the surgical site, but you do need to take some basic steps to keep it clean to avoid issues. DO NOT SPIT, but rinse your mouth with water and let it fall from your mouth over the sink.

  • Relax – This is truly important, don’t attempt to do anything strenuous for the week following your procedure. While complications are rare, this can lead to pain, swelling, and bleeding at the surgical site. You also need to be careful moving from laying down or sitting to standing.

  • Ice Is Your Friend – Ice is an excellent way to aid the reduction of swelling. While you may look a little ridiculous placing two zip-lock bags of ice in the legs of a pair of pantyhose and tying it gently around your head so the ice rests on your cheek will help a lot.

Following this simple guide will ensure that you have a problem free recovery from your dental surgery. A life with a beautiful and resilient smile is in your future, but first, you have to make it through the period of recovery. Once the healing is complete you’ll be ready to have your permanent teeth placed on the mounts. If you’re preparing for dental implants call Dr. Kelly Zhao at Arc Dental in Houston, TX for a consultation.

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